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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) - draft

Beansprout Husk Pillow (expand to questions)

It is served as a weighted pillow for babies. It can simulate the hands of a mother which calms the babies when they sleeps. In addition, movements of Beansprout Husk creates a “White Noise” which is scientifically proven to calm babies. Our Beansprout Husk Pillows are made with 100% natural materials to ensure that it is suitable for babies.

Our Beansprout Husk are sourced locally in Singapore. It has gone through UV sterilised and sun-dried. We only uses 100% natural materials for our Beansprout Husk Pillows. Our Inner Pillows Cover and Pillow Covers are made with 100% cotton.

Our Beansprout Husk Pillows are suitable for newborn babies. Our Beansprout Husk Pillow are 130g & 240g. As the husk are movable, simply push the husk towards the end of the pillows if you are afraid it will be too heavy for the baby.

My baby is very strong. Can i add more husk for the Beansprout Husk Pillow?

Yes. Simply PM us and let us know how much additional husk you want.

Yes definitely! Our Beansprout Husk Pillows are suitable for all ages. Though it might not calm you down anymore but it will certainly serve you well as a neck/arm rest pillows. We know our pre-made sizes are too small for you. Hence, we do customization for our Beansprout Husk Pillows. Simply PM us with your preferred dimension and we will get it done for you.

Minky Blanket (color) (expand to questions)

Will Minky Blanket be too warm for Singapore weather?


Will Minky Blanket be warm enough for air-con room?


Waterproof Changing Mat (expand to questions)

Which side should i use or put my baby on?

You may use both sides. For diaper changing, we will recommend the waterproof side for easy clean up and for changing clothes we will recommend the fabric side.

Is it big enough to cover public changing areas?

Yes. Our waterproof changing mat provides ample coverage for public changing stations. If you would like to have more coverage, you can opt for the XL size.

Can i use your waterproof changing mat as a substitute for a mattress cover?

Yes definitely! Our XL size changing mat are big enough to cover 90% of a regular size baby cot mattress. It also helps to prevent diaper leak onto the mattress.

Baby Bib (expand to questions)

Yes. Our bibs are all machine washable. Our bibs are all made with 100% cotton.

Our Bibs are all 3-ply and are made with 100% cotton. It consists of 1 layer of cotton fabric and backed with 2 layers of cotton flannel for more absorbent. We also added an additional adjustable snaps for more utility.

Baby Bibs are suitable for newborn babies up to 24months. Our bibs come with 2 adjustable snaps. Measurements for the bibs are all stated on our product description. 

Fabric Mask (with fliter slot) (expand to questions)

Sizing Guide (Image)

-2 Sizing guide Image-

Our masks are ready to ship within 3 to 5 working days after successful order placed and payment.

All mask orders will be processed in 3 to 5 working days for shipment. Once order has been picked up by our courier partner, it ships the next 1 - 2 working days to your doorstep.

Our mask comes with a pair of soft rubber adjusters attached on the ear loops, allows you to shorten the ear loops for a more comfortable fit.

Due to sanitary reasons, we are unable to provide any exchanges or refunds. All sales are final. We strongly encourage you to refer to our measurement guide and take some facial measurements for a better fit.
Yes, we do ship outside of Singapore. For shipping addresses outside of Singapore, international shipping charges are calculated at checkout, before payment. For bulk orders, please contact us here or via our social media (Instagram/Facebook) for assistance before placing your orders.
Our masks are made with a total 3 layers of (tight weave) quilting cotton. Printed front layer, inner layer and a pocket slot for inserting filter.
Filters are not included and we do not sell filters.

Cotton Plush Toys (expand to questions)

Any FAQs for cotton toys?

Production & Customization (expand to questions)

For made-to-order or customization products, our lead time currently is between 7 – 10 working days.

For ready stocks, orders will be mailed out within 1-2 working days (Working days does not include Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday)

Yes absolutely! You can simply provide us with your friend’s name, address and mobile number. You can also opt to add-on $3.80 for our gift box.

Definitely! You can include your gift message at our cart page.


Individual Product Care Instructions  (expand to all products)

Beansprout Husk Pillow (each product expand/collapse to answer)

  • Removable pillow cover Wash and change regularly. Cotton cover is machine washable & tumble dryer is allowed.
  • Inner pillow with husk NOT suitable for washing. Sun pillow once every 1 to 2 weeks to keep husk fillings crisp dry and odour-free
  • Always inspect for loose particles before giving it to your baby. Discard if the inner pillow is torn. 
  • If there's any spillage of milk or liquid, wipe dry immediately.
  • It’s time to replace your pillow if the husk fillings have crumbled into smaller particles, usually 1 to 2 years depending on usage.
  • Gentlelove shall not be responsible for any unfortunate incidents that may arise from the misuse of this product.

Minky Blanket

  • Machine Washable
  • Hang dry
  • Iron fabric side on low, if needed. Do not iron on minky side.

Waterproof Changing Mat

  • Machine Washable
  • Hang dry
  • Iron fabric side on low, if needed

Baby Bib

  • Machine Washable
  • Hang dry

Fabric Mask (with fliter slot)

  • Hand wash with warm water & soap
  • Gently wring & line dry
  • Iron fabric on low, if needed
  • Store mask with soft rubber adjusters in cool, dry place

Cotton Plush Toys

  • Machine Washable (Preferable in laundry bag)
  • Hang Dry


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