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Beansprout Husk Pillow - Spring Blossoms (Traveller)

Beansprout Husk Pillow - Spring Blossoms (Traveller)

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Handcrafted in Singapore by Gentlelove



Beansprout husk pillows are traditionally made by grandparents/parents for new arrivals in the family, serving as a security pillow. Having a lightly weighted pillow placed over baby’s tummy or chest helps soothes your baby. The baby will gradually associate the smell and feel of the pillow with the comfort that the mother provides. The use of this security pillow can be an effective way to help calm babies and promote sleep.

Filled with 100% natural beansprout husk that are sourced directly from the local farm. The husks have undergone the traditional method of sun drying with an additional UV sterilisation process to ensure they are safe for babies’ use. These pillows are meant to be loosely filled. The porous nature makes them suitable for use in warm climates.

Simply distribute the husk within the pillow evenly and place it across baby’s chest/tummy area. You can adjust the weight of the pillow by shifting the husk on baby and his/her sides.

Our pillows are made with the utmost love and care from the farm to the store.



    Traveller 30 cm x 15 cm (approx.130g of husk)

    • Great companion during car trips, sleepovers, and outings
    • Perfect size for stroller and carrier

    Bedtime 40cm x 17cm (approx. 240g of husk)

    • Cosy addition for the nursery
    • Ideal size for new-born where pillow gently wraps around baby's tummy and/or chest
    • Support for tummy time
    • Suitable as bolster for infants & young children


    Personalisation Add a personal flair to our handcrafted essentials and your gifting process with the kid’s name/initials. Add-on Personalisation Service

    Customisation Made-to-order big kids and adult-sized pillows. Contact us for recommendations & price quote.

    Pillow cover only For individual pillow cover, please select "Cover only" option above.



    • Fabric: 100% Cotton / Cotton Sateen
    • Filling: 100% Natural UV sterilized Beansprout Husk


    NOTE: Pillows will have a natural earthy scent of the beansprout husk. Placement of fabric may vary. All measurements are approximation.

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